Ananda Museum Gallery Hotel
10 Moo 4, Banlum, Muang, Sukhothai 64000 Thailand
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Start Rate : 45 USD
Le Charme Sukhothai Resort
9/9 Napho-Khirimas Rd. Muangkao, Sukhothai 64210 Thailand
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Start Rate : 68 USD
Legendha Sukhothai, The
214 Moo 3 Muangkao, Muang, Sukhothai 64210 Thailand
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Start Rate : 68 USD
Pailyn Sukhothai Hotel
10/2 Moo 1, Jarodvithithong Road, Muang, Sukhothai 64210 Thailand
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Start Rate : 38 USD
Sukhothai Heritage Resort
999 Moo 2, Klongkrajong, Sawankaloke, Sukhothai 64100 Thailand
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Start Rate : 68 USD
Sukhothai Treasure Resort And Spa
18/2 Moo 4 Jarodwithithong Rd, Bankluay, Muang Sukhothai, 64000
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Start Rate : 68 USD
Tharaburi Resort
11/3 Srisomboon Road, Tanee, Muang, Sukhothai 64000 Thailand
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Start Rate : 98 USD
The Sukhothai Resort Hotel
99 Moo 7, Sarmruen, Srisamrong, Sukhothai 64120 Thailand
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Start Rate : 28 USD

วันจันทร์ที่ 27 กันยายน พ.ศ. 2553

Sukhothai Province.

Sukhothai flower

Sukhothai province, located on the lower northern region of Thailand. Set up around the  1700 year. A monarchy ruled that key is "King Pho Kun Ram Kamhang", which was the inventor of characters and lay the foundation of Thai politics - government , Religion and the king allows developers to expand extensively Sukhothai is the traditional communities. Most prosperous during November. Fri 1822 to December 1842. From the evidence of the ancient community found in Sukhothai Province. Cause a significant archaeological resources have people come to make a lot of Sukhothai.

Sukhothai province, located about 440 kilometers south of Bangkok, an area of 6596.092 square kilometers. (4,122,557 rai), population 602,813 people march to the nearby provinces as follows.
East - Phitsanulok and Uttaradit.
West - Tak and Lampang.
North - Phrae and Uttaradit.
South - Kamphaeng Phet and Phitsanulok provinces.

Topography of the province of Sukhothai, is plain. The north is a mountainous plateau. There is an important source of natural water "Yom River" and is the highest mountain is Khao Luang height 1200 m (above sea level). General climate of Sukhothai. Divided into three seasons: summer, rainy and winter break and is ruled out  9 districts and 86 subdivided.
1.Amphoe Mueang
2.Khiri Mat
3.Ban Dan Lan Hoi
4.Si Satchanalai
5.Kong Krailat
7.Si Samrong
8.Thung Saliam
9.Si Nakhon

Sukhothai provincial Symbols.
 Sukhothai symbolsThe provincial seal shows : The Image of "King Ramkhamhaeng" the great sitting on the Managkhasila Asana throne.
The provincial tree : Afzelia xylocarpa.
The provincial flower : Nymphaea lotus.

How Travel to Sukhothai.

- Distance of 440 km. with Highway 1. Through Nakhon Sawan - Kamphaeng Phet, to Highway 101. Through the Pran kratai and Khiri Mat district To Sukhothai .
- Distance of 427 km. with Highway 1. At the area of 50 Milestone, use the Highway 32. Through to the Ayuthaya, Nakhon Sawan, then right on Highway 117. Directly to Phitsanulok, before switching to Highway 12, to Sukhothai

- Buses leave from the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit, Kamphaeng Phet Road) every day. For more information, please call. 537-8055-6.

- A rail line north from the railway station to the station, Phitsanulok daily and then go to By bus to Sukhothai, about 59 km. by bus.

- A flight from Bangkok - Phitsanulok every day. and then have to travel by bus to Sukhothai again. For more details Tel. 229-3456-63.

Sukhothai tourism